We will get rid of any type of rodents for yous 

From using bait to our own products or existing professional products

If you have suffered a rodent invasion, it’s important to determine the exact breed/family involved.

To do this, we base our analysis on various factors, including the size of droppings or paw markings.

When we have made a diagnosis, we can offer you the solution that best suits not only your needs but also the general environment of the treatment area.

What sets us apart? Products made by us

We offer both simple baits and also 2.0 baits that are computer controlled, as well as treatments manufactured in-house.

For more than four years now, we have been offering a range of products made by us in our own production facilities to complement existing professional products.

Our products are designed to act on local pests. We use only what is absolutely necessary for our treatments, which has a positive effect on the final cost of our services.

Did you know?

There are approximately seven rodents for every human. This means there are about 49 billion rodents of all types on the planet. Switzerland has about 100 species. Some live a long distance from our homes, while others are more than happy to come and live in them. Did you also know that rodents are carnivores and do not eat cheese? People instinctively give them cheese because a certain Mr Walt Disney one day decided a mouse should chase after some cheese.